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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Can't Believe I WON!!!

Oh I am so excited!!!

The girls and I went to Quilters Night at our local craft store, this is the third time we have gone, very fun, they usually have a demo of some sort, they do a door prize, show and tell and a block lotto. Tonight was the first time I have done show and tell, I showed both my Dads quilt and on a whim I showed my purse that I just finished! Wow what a reception!!! After I showed off my purse they sold out of the pattern!!! I had several ladies look it over and compliment me on it. It was pretty neat :) The coolest thing tonight was the Block Lotto, the store hands our a block pattern and a piece of that months "focus fabric" you go home making the block using the focus fabric and fabric out of your stash. You then bring your finished block to the next meeting and turn it in. They take the names of the ladies who did a block and put it in a drawing, if your name is drawn you win all of the blocks! Well, this is only my third time attending, and my second time at turning in a block... I won 16 blocks!!!! I NEVER EVER win any thing, so as you might imagine I was very excited! My favorite thing, focus fabric this month was a cool purplish batik!

Look down for Pictures!

So here are the blocks, I think I love them all! Actually the one by Groucho's tail is probably my favorite, the pinwheel in the center is done is a pretty Asian fabric, BTW don't you just love how helpful Groucho is, he would not move!

Well, That's about it for tonight, I am bushed, I can only stand so much excitement, and this whole day was a crazy crazy day. I have been a whirl wind today and I think now I am going to whirl off to bed. So good night and thanks for stopping by.


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